Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you FRAKIN' kidding me?

So I had no idea how much time had passed. It's been another 8 months! I have been pickin' at the G for a while. Here's an update.

I've pretty much finished the massing on her, but I figure that I'm probably 60% done right now.


tensecondtwo said...

Coby, to say this is model is a truly stellar masterpiece would be a sever understatement !!! The attention to the most minute detail is miraculous! I am SOOO glad I came across this site!

Will you be able to sell kits of this, or will lic issue prevent that? If you CAN sell kits, what would be a fair price for all this amazing detail! Oh, and what scale would it be (1:2500 :-) )?

Anonymous said...

Coby, could you say if/when you expect this to be available as a kit? beautiful work.

Cobywan said...

I'm not making a kit of this. It's going to be a one of a kind model.